North American Journal of Medical Sciences

: 2013  |  Volume : 5  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 245-

Dengue hemorrhagic fever and acute compartment syndrome

Somsri Wiwanitkit1, Viroj Wiwanitkit2,  
1 Wiwanitkit House, Bangkhae, Bangkok, Thailand
2 Hainan Medical University, China, Faculty of Medicine, University of Nis, Serbia, Joseph Ayobabalola University, Nigeria

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Somsri Wiwanitkit
Wiwanitkit House, Bangkhae, Bangkok, Thailand

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Wiwanitkit S, Wiwanitkit V. Dengue hemorrhagic fever and acute compartment syndrome.North Am J Med Sci 2013;5:245-245

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Wiwanitkit S, Wiwanitkit V. Dengue hemorrhagic fever and acute compartment syndrome. North Am J Med Sci [serial online] 2013 [cited 2020 Aug 11 ];5:245-245
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Dear Editor,

The recent report on dengue hemorrhagic fever and acute compartment syndrome is very interesting. [1] Indeed, dengue is an important mosquito borne infectious disease with common clinical manifestation as high fever with hemorrhagic syndrome. Some uncommon bleedings as gastrointestinal bleeding and heavy menstruation are also mentioned. [2] The internal bleeding can induce some unexpected sequelae such as compartment syndrome. [1] The intramuscular hematoma is classified as an uncommon but serious bleeding complication in dengue. [3] The hematoma can further, result in either abscess or compartment syndrome. [1],[3] The important concern is the cause of the intramuscular hematoma. It rarely occurs spontaneously, but the intramuscular injection is usually the rooted cause. [3] Good history taking is required to verify the natural history of the indexed case. The practitioner should avoid unnecessary intramuscular injection in managing any case with high fever that can be suspicious dengue.


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